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Oversight of nuclear power plant construction

The big challenge of nuclear power plant construction is the construction risks including construction delay and licensing risk. Especially there will be a lot of concerns when a country without having any experience of nuclear power plant introduces the first nuclear power plant.


The project management is not a theory or a principle but a comprehensive art to build a nuclear power plant on time within budget. The nuclear technology is required to be proven in order to minimize the potential risks. But the project management capacity shall be also proven because there are so many cases of construction delay. There’s only exception in the world nuclear market. It is Barakah nuclear power plant in the UAE.


JEIL Partners is ready to provide the oversight service with the experts who have worked for Barakah nuclear project and Korean nuclear project as well. We’ll provide an expert team to oversight, coach, and guide the project management team of plant owner or EPC contractor.


The expert team will give the customer the mentoring service and the lessons learned during the service period. It can’t be measured with any amount of value.

The team members will be about five but cost effective and efficient in terms of team work. The members can be changed along with the project progress. Because of the COVID 19 pandemic, JEIL Partners can provide the remote consultation or plan to visit the site about 5 times a year. During our stay for 5 days each time, we can oversight the construction progress and provide recommendations.

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