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Renewable Energy Business

JEIL Partners is an independent consulting firm based in Seoul that is focused on sourcing and opportunities and developing renewable energy promoting technology and investment from South Korea and the United Kingdom.


We aim to bring together technology and investment partners from South Korea with potential overseas projects that meet required investment and technical criteria set by our clients


Our combined experience in developing, financing and implementing complex and demanding energy projects provides us with a distinct advantage in preparing investment proposals for our partners in South Korea. This experience includes implementing significant projects involving the export of Korean technology together with investment to ensure project realization (including export credit)


Korea Electric Power Corporation(KEPCO), Generation companies and private companies would like to source Korean panels and do EPC and O&M, but is also interested in buying existing projects in some cases. We act for project sellers or local developers in this process, and work to set up collaboration arrangements and ultimate sale of projects between local developers and KEPCO or generation companies. We are also supporting our supply chain to explore a new market in collaboration with our local partners.


In line with the power generation projects, we are developing overseas market with our supply chain of ESS and related items.

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