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Special Product for Fire Extinguisher

More than 70% of fires happen because of short circuit. The common causes of fire are faulty electrical equipment, heating equipment, cooking equipment, and electrical wiring

We introduce an innovative fire extinguisher. The technology has specific features; 1) Encapsulation (nano) Technology 2) Temperature Reaction Technology 3) Fire Suppression Technology (With small amount of fire extinguisher).

It is used for 1) Low-voltage equipment, voltage from 50V to 1000V, volume from 15 to 80 dm3, 2) Electrical installations of buildings and structures: - assemblies, cabinets, boards, boxes; - lead-in, power supply, lighting, apartment-type, etc., 3) Electrical devices and household appliances and similar: - Audio- and video devices, radio, and TV-sets; - Personal electronic computer systems (PCs); - Low-voltage equipment connected to personal computers, etc.

The major clients in Korea are Samsung Electronics, LG Chem, SK Hynix, and Power Plants. In Korea, recently, there are so many fire incidents of ESS. That’s the reason why I’m trying to sell it to the protection of your facilities and products from the fire risk. The price would be low but the effect would be enormously high. Especially, we can sell the powder which can be mixed with painting and pasted inside the ESS and others. 


  • Innoceon factory



  • Anti Fire Extinguisher Capsules

  • Anti Fire PAD

  • Anti Fire Wire

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